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Principle and Philosophy


Nature Cure is a system of man building in harmony with the constructive principles of Nature on the physical, mental and moral planes of well-being. It is a drugless system of medicine which relies upon the Nature sources in the treatment of diseases rather than drugs.

Man is a child of Nature. Nature sustains life of every kind – plant, animal and human. That is why we often call Nature as “Mother’s Nature”. The worst punishment a person can inflict on himself is to ignore the laws of nature and fall prey to illness. One should understand Human Beings are an intrinsic part of Nature. Therefore, nothing except Nature can facilitate a complete cure for human machinery disorders. Naturopathy attempts to bring the human body close to the Nature andAyurveda tries to keep it there.  Thus the primary cause for all diseases is “the violation of Nature’s Laws” So one should go in search of Natural forces for healing diseases.

Principles of Naturopathy

  • Healing is from within.
  • Toxemia is the principle cause of diseases.
  • Body and mind should be treated as a whole.
  • Cure cannot be obtained without cleansing.
  • Heal yourself, because you alone are responsible for your health.

Philosophy of Nature Cure

  • All Diseases are due to one cause i.e.  Toxemia
  • All acute diseases are result of a cleansing and healing effort of nature.

The first and most basic principle is that all forms of disease are due to the same cause namely accumulation of waste material. It follows from this basic principle that the only way to cure disease to employ methods which will enable the system to through of this toxic accumulation.

All acute diseases like fever, cold inflammation digestive disturbances and skin eruption or the self initiated effort of the body to throw off the accumulated waste materials. Nature believes that all chronic diseases such as diabetics Asthma, cardiac disease, Kidney disorder, at the result of continued suppression of   the acute disease through harmful methods such as drugs, vaccines, narcotics

All natural treatments directed towards this end if the waste accumulate at a rate in excess of the capacity of the organs it leads to clogging of the system, becomes highly toxics are called intoxication or toxemia which is the fundamental cause of all ill health. Body has its own recuperative power. 


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