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India is known for its ancient knowledge of Yoga and Ayurveda all over the world since time immemorial. South India needs no introduction. This is perhaps the most ancient of all lands, and the heart of native India and its values. South India Toursare all about discovery – the discovery of a complex region which is steeped in intellectual thought and age old tradition. It is also the discovery of yourself and the journey to your soul. 

There is nothing spectacular you should come looking to explore. The greatness of South India touris that even the ordinary stands out notably as you change your perspective and learn to appreciate its greatness. In the mammoth temples, abundant greenery and the great resorts in the hills, you are sure to find a secluded spot to calm the mind. Ayurveda and yoga resorts offer holistic treatments and world-famous massages that are known to cure ailments and soothe nerves. Earliest evidences of human settlements found in South India Tours date back to 8000 BCE and the subsequent rulers and dynasties that ruled the region have left their instinct impressions on its art, culture, and architecture.Between the states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, South India Tour Packages manage the greatest spectacles that India is proud to own. Get a taste of a new, simplified life filled with profound meaning.

Ayur Tour is a health tourism program where one can explore the rich culture and heritage of India experiencing a personalized health care. One can pick from the available programs or also share your ideas with our Ayur Tour organizer so that we will organize your tour that best suit your budget and schedule.

One can experience our therapies which brings relaxation not only to your body but brings real peace and harmony which will create a healing and uplifting experience that will stimulate your body, mind, and soul. 

Our Services:

  • Lodging
  • 3 vegetarian healthy meals
  • Daily consultation with therapists
  • Panchakarma Treatments
  • Daily 1 hour Yoga and Meditation Practice
  • Daily 1 hour cultural class
  • Airport Pick up and Drop

Extra Tour Activities:

  • Visiting several famous temples in neighborhood
  • Visiting a local village
  • Get in-expensive tailor made Indian Clothing
  • Visit a Indian Bazaar
  • Visit a International Shopping Mall
  • Visit to several National / Zooological Parks
  • Visit to the longest beach of the world
  • Visit Art Gallery
  • Visit Indian Shopping Malls
  • Local Visit to important Tourist Spots
  • Visit a Indian Traditional Market (Flowers / Fruits / Vegetables)
  • Get Mehndi on your Hands
  • Traditional Rickshaw Ride
  • Watch a latest Bollywood / Kollywood Movie of your choice
  • One lunch / dinner with Indian Traditional food with an Indian Family at their Home

Any customized tour / one day trip as per your choice for a day. 

Ayur Tour lets you explore this land of enchanting extreme grandeur and a land that has been called as a "Golden Bird" for centuries due to its wealth it held in itself. Each temple, palace, fort in India was weighted in gold and for centuries the invaders have invaded the land for this wealth. Every time they invaded, each invader returned richer than before to his mainland. India has survived all the wars on its heartland and all the heads that have rolled on its mainland. After 1526, Mughals established perhaps the biggest dynasty of India. They ruled for more than three centuries before the British took over their reigns from ruling Mughals whose kingdom was distraught with corruption, factionalism and laziness.

If you are interested in Ayur Tour or if you need more details on organizing a Tour , then send us an email to ayurtour@ayursutra.in or call our helpdesk, we are always available to serve you better………….


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