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Do you shy thinking about the fine lines around your eyes turning into wrinkles? Do you spend lot of money on miracle creams that promise to sustain youth, all to no avail? Well, it’s time to say goodbye to all your grief, as you embrace the elixir of youth- ayur! All that you need to do is register for our “Anti-aging program”

By doing so, you shall be entitled to a consultation session with our experts, who shall evaluate your present condition, and guide you about the regimen that you need to follow, as well as other lifestyle changes that you can adopt to work towards your goal for anti-aging. This package also includes a number of Ayurveda massages, yoga sessions, in which you shall be taught the proper technique and guided about various techniques.

As you enroll for our programs, and incorporate Ayurveda as a part of your routine, you’ll witness dramatic changes within days. Your dream of restoring the youthful glow that seems to have faded can finally come true! All that you need to do is learn this exclusive anti-ageing Ayurveda program, which put together ages of wisdom by experts, to ensure that you bask in the glory of youth forever.

Restore your youthful glow that seems to have faded away. Try our program and take a consultation session with one of our experts followed by one-on-one massage and yoga sessions.


Attaining purity by detoxification is the first step towards wellness, which is why; we aim at cleansing the body of all toxins. Experience the multitude of benefits that accompany the detox program empowered by panchakarma and yoga, by registering for our cleansing program right away.

The program includes an elaborate consulting session with our wellness experts, in which your needs as an individual shall be assessed and catered to. Once you have a customized cleansing regime worked out for you, you can get started with learning the techniques. These shall be taught to you individually, through our massage and yoga sessions, which are part of this program. 

The entire process will be beneficial for your body’s immune system, digestive system, and even nervous system, hence helping you to inch closer towards purity of the soul, mind and body. 

Get started with our cleansing program right away to purge your body of toxins and experience the difference that comes in our sessions.

Boost your immune system, digestive system and nervous system. Get an elaborate session with our wellness experts followed by one-on-one session from panchakarma therapists.


The excruciating pain caused by any form of joint disorders can be a major impediment to one’s wellbeing. While doctors often resort to steroidal treatments which have major side effects, we believe in making use of a holistic approach, with Ayurveda at its helm, for the treatment as well as prevention of joint disorders. 

Whether you are already bearing the agony of any joint disorder like rheumatoid arthritis, osteo-arthritis, spondylitis, slip-disc, etc., or just wish to prevent any such occurrence in the future, you can enroll for our care for your joints program. 

Once you register yourself for this program, you can have an individual consulting session with our consultants, who’ll guide you about the panchakarma therapy that suit you best, as well as recommend certain changes in your lifestyle that will be instrumental in alleviating joint pain and other disorders. 

This shall be followed by a number of massage sessions in which you shall be taught the proper lifestyle and other practices included in your program, which you can then easily follow in your daily life. So say goodbye to all your joint-related concerns now, by experiencing the benefits of this program in joint care!

Prevent or get relief from joint disorders like arthritis, osteoporosis, spondylitis, slip-disc, etc. First get a session from a lifestyle consultant followed by Ayurvedic and Panchakarma sessions with our experts.


With strenuous exercises being out of the way during pregnancy, Ayurveda an Meditation comes as a savior. By practicing certain pregnancy-oriented yogic postures, you can pave your way to a smooth normal delivery, overall fitness and a healthy baby. However, these practices need to be performed with immense prudence and under expert supervision, which is where our pregnancy care program comes in handy. 

By registering for this program, you shall be granted a consulting session, in which you shall be guided about the methods that you need to follow at different stages of your pregnancy, as well as certain modifications in your lifestyle that will benefit you all through the process. This shall be followed by pranayama (breathing) sessions, in which our experts will guide you through step-by-step instructions, so that you get the breathing patterns absolutely right, while also ensuring your utmost safety. 

As you begin to incorporate our pregnancy programs into your routine, you’ll feel the change over you instantly. However, it’s the long-term benefits that really pay off in the end. Join in with an entire community of Ayurveda experiencing moms-to-be, and be a part of the bliss that they’re all experiencing now!

Find an alternative to strenuous exercise and practice under a personal guidance in the privacy of your home. Get a consulting session to assess your needs and then follow it by prenatal and post pregnancy sessions to teach you the best method for you to care of your and baby’s health.


The application of Ayurveda methods in stress management has been well-established, and even though nearly all physical workouts end with a relaxation phase, yet there are some which cater specifically to combat stress. You can learn a variety of such methods by registering for our stress relief program.

The application of Ayurveda methods in stress management has been well-established, and even though nearly all physical workouts end with a relaxation phase, yet there are some which cater specifically to combat stress. You can learn a variety of such methods by registering for our stress relief program.

The package also includes meditations and relaxation sessions, in which you shall be taught the various practices included in your regime. The combination of yoga poses and breathing techniques that you’ll be taught will work wonders on eliminating stress from your life, and with regular practice, it won’t be long before you forget the feeling of being stressed, not just for a few days, but for an entire life time!

Along with this, you can also avail our resources to learn other lifestyle tips that will aid in reducing stress from your life. So say goodbye to jam-packed days and sleepless nights, by joining our stress relief program now!

Learn about the diet and yoga poses that helps you combat stress. Begin with a consulting session with our wellness expert. Follow it by a couple of panchakarma and yoga sessions teaching various techniques to combat stress.


If a well-toned body sans flab and extra pounds is your dream, then yoga is the path for you! By practicing ayurveda for weight loss, you can work your way towards your ideal body weight in the safest possible way. Register yourself for our weight loss program now, and begin your journey to a healthy and attractive body. 

Our program begins with a one-on-one consulting session, in which your present body weight, diet, and lifestyle shall be taken into consideration to devise a tailor-made program for you. Along with this, you shall also be guided about other changes that you can make in your lifestyle to aid in weight loss. 

The consulting session is followed by ayurveda sessions, in which you’ll be taught the various panchakarma techniques included in your program. These sessions ensure that you lose weight, and experience your body fit, which is essential for the program’s effectiveness. 

By registering for our weight loss program, you’ll also get a chance to interact with other people who are losing weight by Ayurveda, which will be inspirational as well as informative for you. The effects of this holistic weight loss program are not just immediate, but also long-lasting. Discover a new you by registering now!

Work your way towards an ideal body weight in the safest possible way. Begin with an individual diet consultation followed by Ayurvedic sessions from our experts.


You Are What you Eat”- hence make your choices carefully! While binging upon high-calorie diets that are detrimental to your wellbeing is an easy task, it takes oodles of self control, and proper guidance to create and follow a wholesome diet regime. That’s where our individual nutrition consultations come in handy.

These sessions are a part of our nutritional wellness programs, and consist of individual consultations with nutritionists and dieticians, which aim at devising an effective diet plan for you that is instrumental in attaining your ideal bodyweight, preventing disease, enhancing the digestive process, and ultimately aiding your overall wellness. These nutrition consultations start with a detailed analysis of your present lifestyle, health condition and diet, as well as the results that you wish to achieve.

Following this, our experts shall structure a custom-made diet chart and instruct you on how to follow it. You shall also be counseled about other changes that you can make in your lifestyle to achieve the desired results. As you begin working on this holistic wellness program, you shall experience myriad benefits faster than you can believe, and it won’t be long before you begin noticing the unbelievable changes in your life! It’s never too late to begin, so register now!


While allopathic treatment is the norm among the common masses, many fail to realize the plethora of side effects that accompany regular intake of drugs. If you wish to steer clear of these medicines and their effects, then alternative medicine can work wonders for you. This system of medicine brings together years of expertise encapsulated in the science of Ayurveda, with other holistic wellness techniques, thus aiding you in the prevention as well as cure of nearly all health complications. 

We offer you a chance to interact directly with our experts in the related fields, through the alternative medicine consulting sessions. Through these sessions, you can consult our panel of Ayurvedic experts as well as nutritionists, regarding any ailment that you might be suffering from, or simply for guidance on how to maintain good health and work your way towards wellness.

You shall be guided about the various herbal medicines that you can consume their dosage, as well as the duration of the therapy. Along with that, you shall also be provided with tips regarding your diet and lifestyle, all of which shall help in your ultimate goal of wellness. Register for our alternative medicine consulting programs now, to get started!


Our treatment is a holistic science of life is the cultural heritage of India, nurtured over thousands of years by sages and savants. We use natural substances and herbs that not only heal but prevent reoccurrence of diseases. We offer comprehensive cure, physical, mental and spiritual levels. Diseases are treated not symptomatically only, but also by targeting the root cause. We follow an ancient authentic system of treatment is based on potent herbal combinations, life style adjustments, individualized dietary programs and spiritual focus on yoga and meditation.

No chemicals are used; hence no side effects. We help you to develop the immune system of the body, detoxify the body and the cure is long - lasting. Our therapeutic methods are based on detoxifying the body which is the main cause of diseases. It is simple, affordable, natural, safe and without side effects.

Our therapy varies from an individual to another individual. Individualized recommendations are made based on the individual's medical condition, body type, and on the seasons. Recent scientific advances regarding specific conditions are also incorporated into the regimen when applicable. Combination of all successful authentic holistic method for the therapeutic needs of our patient is the only success behind the success stories behind each and every patient of our centre


Today there are many medical options for treating "women's" health issues. There are also many self-help tools available to assist in staying vibrant and alive even during times of great hormonal shifts such as pregnancy, postpartum, premenstrual, and the postmenopausal phases of women.

Our Ayurvedic Experts believe that lifestyle factors that disrupt the body's natural rhythm and create hormonal imbalances strongly influence a woman's symptoms. Stress, bad eating habits, traveling, overwork, difficulties in relationships and lack of exercise all contribute to PMS and menopausal problems. Panchakarma Therapy, Yogasanas (postures or poses), breathing and deep relaxation provide great comfort and relief from many of these symptoms by restoring balance and harmony to all body systems.

Panchakarma Therapy is highly useful to increase circulation and tone the endocrine system are very helpful for hot flashes and night sweats, the most common complaints of the menopausal transition. It also helps the body adapt to the circulatory and hormonal shifts taking place. Finally it provides a calming effect and relieves some of the anxiety accompanying the symptoms.

Usually women come across different phases of life. Many of them sail through our life cycles barely noticing changes in our physical and mental states. But for those whose bodies send up red flags with each hormonal shift are given a special opportunity to renew ourselves each month. So this is the perfect time to turn to a ayurvedic panchakarma therapy.


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