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The body is the foundation of all our functions. Ayurveda helps us to make our body strong, healthy, pure and free of toxins, with a good immune function, healthy appetite and good capacity for work and exercise. It also helps us to maintain our senses sharp and alert. It makes our mind calm and free from harmful emotions. In overall, Ayurveda helps us to lead a healthy and disease free life.

Diseases we treat are tabulated as follows:

Acid Reflux Fatigue Nocturnal Emissions
Ankylosing Spondylitis Frigidity O
Anorexia Fibromyalgia Obesity
AIDS Flatulence Osteoarthritis
Allergic Rhinitis G Oligospermia
Allergies Gall Stone P
Angina Pectoris Gout Parkinson's Disease
Acne  Goiter Paranoia
Asthma Gonorrhea Poliomyelitis
Azzospermia H Psychosis
Anxiety Disorder Hair Loss & Premature Graying Pleurisy
Alternatives for HRT Hysteria Premature Ejaculation
Amenorrhea Headache Psoriasis
High Cholesterol Pregnancy Disorders
Bronchial Asthma Hyperacidity Premenstrual Syndrome
Bipolar Disease Hyperthyroidism Piles
Bronchitis Halitosis Pyorrhea
C Hypertension R
Childhood Asthma Hypothyroidism Renal Failure
Cataract I Rheumatoid Arthritis
Chronic Laryngitis Interstitial Cystitis  S
Cancer Influenza Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
Conjunctivitis Infertility Syphilis
Coeliac Disease  Ischemic Heart Disease Schizophrenia
Cervical Spondylosis Insomnia Sinusitis
Chronic Gastritis Irritable Bowel Syndrome Senile Deafness
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome J Stye
Cystitis, Uretritis & Prostatitis Jaundice Sciatica
Chronic Rhinits K T
Constipation Kidney & Urinary Infections Tonsillitis
D Kidney Stone Tinea (Ring Worm)
Dandruff L U
Delusion  Leucoderma Urticaria/Hives
Dysphasia Leucorrhoea Ulcerative Colitis
Dyspepsia M Urinary Tract Infection
Diverticulitis Multiple Sclerosis V
Diabetes Mellitus Menstrual Problems Vitiligo
E Miscarriage  
Esophageal Hiatus Hernia Menopause  
Epilepsies Myopia  
Epitasis Migraine  
Eczema  Major Depressive Illness  
Eosinophilia Menorrhagia  
Erectile Dysfunctions    

Our therapy varies from an individual to another individual. Individualized recommendations are made based on the individual's medical condition, body type, and on the seasons. Recent scientific advances regarding specific conditions are also incorporated into the regimen when applicable.


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