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In any system of Medicine, a good doctor can be easily identified by his/her diagnostic ability. A good doctor always has the capability to identify the disease, the causative factors and give treatment suitable to the condition of the patient.

Ayurveda - is a 7000 year old traditional ancient holistic Indian medicine system. This ancient therapy is based on the five basic elements (Panchabhutas) of our universe namely Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. These Pancha Bhutas are represented in the human body as the “doshas”, ‘dhatus’ and “malas”.

Nadi Pariksha or pulse diagnosis is an ancient and Ayurvedic form of treatment in which physiological, psychological as well as spiritual methods of healing are applied. Nadi in traditional medical lingo means channels. These channels exist within the body in the form of blood vessels, nerves, lymphatic channels, nodes etc., through which energy passes. Pariksha means to examine. Hence, Nadi Pariksha means examining the pulse.

According to all systems of medical science, the artery is the main channel that supplies blood to all parts of the body. According to Ayurveda system of medicine, the artery carries more than just blood. Blood which flows through each and every cell in the body carries information, nutrients and life-source to the cells, tissues and organs. Any change is also communicated so that the necessary adaptation can be made by the various systems in the body which control the body from within.

The process of Nadi Pariksha involves placing the index, middle and ring fingers on the patient’s forearm, a little below the wrist, on the radial artery. There are various levels of pressure that have to be applied to read the pulse of the various aspects of the being. The organs, the tridoshas (basic principals which govern the body) and their manifestations, health of tissues, mind, beliefs and patterns stored in the sub-conscious, temperament, sleep pattern, dreams and the energy in the energy centres can all be measured by meditating on the pulse. As the pulse beats, the practitioner reads the different kinds of pulses and comes to a conclusion as to why the patient is experiencing the current state.

The focus of Nadi Pariksha is always on the cause of disease rather than the symptom. This allows the patient to stay in a state of calm while receiving the treatment and focuses on the Vaidya and the treatment rather than the illness. After diagnosis, a treatment chart is prepared and the patient is given a combination of appropriate diet, herbal remedies, yoga, psychological, spiritual and past life remedies where needed. Psychological remedies include practices like Antar Mouna (inner silence) in which patients pour out stored emotions in the sub-conscious and counseling.


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