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Traditional Therapies

Synchronised Massage (Abhyanga)

Abhyangam is the classical masterpiece of Kerala Ayurvedic system of medicine. Abhyanga would be done for 30 to 45 minutes. The number of strokes and pressure vary with the condition of the individual. This therapy will treat the whole body physically, mentally and emotionally while balancing the doshas. Its rhythmic motion helps to relieve joints and muscles from stiffness and makes all body movements free. This stimulating treatment increases blood circulation, which in turn encourages quick removal of metabolic wastes, while providing relief to diseases such as anxiety, fatigue, circulatory disorders, rheumatic and arthritic problems, backaches and injuries. Synchronized massage is also beneficial in preventing wrinkles and scales, curing Spondylosis, Sleep disorders, Paralysis, improving physical consistency, inducing sound sleep, increasing general sense of well being and life span. It improves the complexion and texture of the skin.

Pizhichil (Thailadhara)

Pizhichil is referred to the King among the tradional therapies of Kerala. This therapy protects the body from illnesses and builds up immunity for a healthy life. It is very useful for rheumatic diseases, arthritis, paralysis, sexual weakness, neurological disorders, blood pressure, and nervous weakness which also help to arrest the aging process.


Njavarakizhi is highly rejuvenating, nourishing and prepares the individual to bear the stresses and strains of a busy lifestyle. It enhances physical consistency, strengthens the nervous system and improves the overall appearance of the skin. This is a strengthening fomentation employed in neurological disorders, rheumatism, arthritis and malnutrition of limbs.

Elakizhi (Pathrapotala Sweda)

Elakizhi therapy is effective for various kinds of arthritis, Spondylosis, back pain, sports injuries and for all other soft tissue inflammations especially join pains.


Udwarthanam stimulates hair follicles and subcutaneous fat tissue to break down subcutaneous fat storage. This therapy reduces blood cholesterol, obesity, skin problems, imparts mobility to the joints, strengthens muscles and refreshes the body. The most promising effect is the slimming of the body.

Choorna Swedam (Podikkizhi)

The body is subjected to exude profusely after a thorough massage with warm boluses of herbal powders tied up in cotton cloth. This therapy helps in curing 'Kapha Vata' predominant conditions of arthritis, back pain, paralysis, muscular pains etc.

Kaadi Dhara

Kaadi Dhara is very effective 'Kapha Vata' predominant conditions of arthritis, paralysis, obesity, muscular pains and widely used in inflammatory disorders.


Sirodhara rejuvenates and revitalizes the body and mind. This therapy relieves stress and strain related problems, slows the aging process, improves memory and is known to have a curative effect for paralysis, insomnia, depression, anxiety, hypertension and other neurological malfunctions. It bestows better vision, better hearing, clears nasal problems and calms the body and mind. Sirodhara ultimately strengthens the physical constitution of the individual.


Ksheeradhara is a great therapy for people suffering from headaches from Vata and Pitta predominance, Insomnia and mental tension.


Kadeevasthy therapy deeply cleans and enriches the blood, builds and maintains strong muscle and connective tissues and lubricates the joints keeping them flexible and pain free. Kativasthi alleviates lower back conditions like Lumber Spondylosis, Inter vertebral disc prolepses, Lumbago (low back ache), and Sciatica.


Urovasthy enriches the blood and builds and maintains strong muscle and connective tissues. A stimulating and therapeutic treatment for muscular chest pain


Greevavasthy deeply cleans and enriches the blood, builds and maintains strong muscle and connective tissues and lubricates the joints keeping them flexible and pain free. Greevavasthi alleviates neck and upper back conditions like Cervical Spondylosis, stiff neck, pain due to over strain, etc.

Sirovasthy is very good therapy for treating paralysis, insomnia, depression, etc.
Takradhara calms the individual down and helps to relieve insomnia, depression and other stress related problems. It prevents greying of the hair, reduces headaches, increases digestive power and alleviates anorexia. In cases of psoriasis, Dhara is performed on the affected area to have a curative effect.


Nathratharpana therapy will have a cooling effect on irritated and stressed eyes. This relieves eyestrain, improves eyesight and other eye related problems.


Gandusha will bring a glow to the face, improve lines and wrinkles, tone the skin and assist with any kind of mouth, voice or teeth disorders while cleansing the ear, nose and throat pathways.


Kabalam is highly beneficial for ear, nose, throat disorders and improving the voice while bringing a glow to the face.


Vamana is one therapy among 'Panchakarma'- the five fold Ayurvedic detoxification procedures. This process will induce therapeutic vomiting. Prior to this procedure the individual's body will be prepared by proper Snehana (oleation) and Swedana (sudation). This is a very beneficial therapy for Kapha predominating disorders such as asthma, cough, psoriasis and skin disorders


This therapy is one among Panchakarma which eliminates excess Pitta from the body. Virechana is extremely beneficial in Pitta disorders such as dermatitis, chronic fever, heartburn, jaundice, etc.


Snehavasthy is the main therapy for all Vata disorders such as constipation, neurological ailments, paralysis, flatulence, lower backache, gout and rheumatism. The results nourish and rebuild the Dhatus (body tissues), strengthen their activities, restore and strengthen the body's immunity. This is very nutritive while removing accumulated Malas (toxins) from the colon.


Kashayavasthy is a cleansing enema where a combination of honey, oil, herbal paste, herbal decoction, etc. is administered as per the patient's requirement and condition. This therapy eliminates Vata and helps to treat disorders such as arthritis, constipation, neurological ailments, paralysis, flatulence, lower backache, gout and rheumatism.


A therapeutic treatment for nose, throat, sinuses and head. This Ayurvedic therapy can provide a miraculous remedy for congestion, allergies, sinusitis, headaches, migraine, rhinitis and other nasal infections. This therapy will cleanse, purify and strengthen the nasal passages allowing you to breathe fully and easily again. This treatment is highly effective for headaches, sinusitis, migraine and rhinitis.

Head & Face Massage

Using Ayurvedic techniques and special medicated oil, this concentrated massage on head and face relieves stress and strain related problems, improves memory and is known to have a curative effect for insomnia, depression, anxiety, etc. It bestows better vision, better hearing, clears nasal problems and improves the texture and complexion of face.

Sneha Panam

Snehapanam can be used as a curative method and nourishing treatment also through rearranging the dosage and timing. Snehapanam is usually done in the early morning in empty stomach and is allowed to drink little by little shundi water to increase the digestive power, Light diet like kanji is given at times of appetite. It is not allowed to sleep during day time or any exercise is not allowed.


Upanaham is well-known for its property to relieve pain, swelling and to nourish the tissues. It is very effective in Osteo-arthritis, joint injuries and localized pain and swelling.


Pichu is very effective for degenerative and painful problems like Back pain, Osteo-arthritis, Spondylitis, injuries, etc.

Lepam is having a wide range of usage from cosmetic purpose to severe skin conditions. It is very effective in Psoriasis, Pimples, Marks on skin, pigmentation, Arthritis with swelling & pain, injuries and skin infections.


Ksheeradhoomam is effective for facial paralysis, trigeminal neuralgia, pimples and other skin problems.



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